SPM Refinery works in partnership with all clients to ensure that waste is treated in the most environmentally friendly way. Recycling and reuse are promoted with disposal only considered as a last resort. This commitment to green waste management is backed by our drive to attain the highest levels of environmental excellence in every aspect of our plant operation and service delivery.

Our commitment to the environment is driven by our belief that environmentally-responsible waste management can bring our clients significant bottom-line benefits, both in terms of resources efficiency, increased market share and of course in the financial returns possible form precious metal recovery

These commitments are reflected in the environmental performance of our equipment which meets all relevant environmental pollution regulations and deliver excellent resource and energy efficiency. Our plant is fitted with the latest dust recovery and air-pollution control technology. All waste water is treated in our on site water treatment facilities.

Our technological capabilities are backed by our environment management system, which involved all staff and management in a process of continual review and implementation. We conduct periodic audits of all aspect of our environmental performance to ensure continual high performance and to help focus our upgrading efforts. This is why we have attained ISO 14001 since 2002.