Intellectual Property Protection

SPM Refinery understand the importance in protecting our client Intellectual Property (IP). Thus in SPM Refinery have we have various facilities to cater to the destruction of the materials to protect the intellectual properties of our client. Clients are welcome to witness the process of the destruction.

Two-Stage Shredder System for Printed circuit boards and mobile Phones
Crushing Machine for IC Chip
Hammer Mill for destruction of Larger IC Chip


In Recovery, we assist our client by disposing and processing their electronics rejects and products in the most environmental friendly way. By doing de-manufacturing, we are able to separate the materials into its raw materials. From there, we will pass it to our recycling partners to recycle the materials. This will not only enable our recycling partners to do what they are best at, it will also ensure 100% recyclable. SPM Refinery will recycle and process materials with precious metal, such as IC chips and printed Circuit Boards in our facilities.

Broken down to Raw Materials & Components

Precious Metal Recovery

In SPM Refinery, we uses and combine various processes to recover the precious metal present to the maximum. At SPM Refinery we are constantly modifying our processes to cater to the ever changing materials of the semiconductor technology.

Baking oven to bake down Filters, Gloves and Wipes
Ball Mill will mill the crushed scraps into powder and segregate them into coarse, fine and metallic.
Metallic from IC
Recovered Gold Powder
Recovered Copper
Recovered Silicon Wafer