SPM Refinery places the utmost importance on the quality of its services and the security of it operations.

Our commitment to safeguarding your interests begins once your waste materials are collected from your premises. From this point onwards their security becomes our responsibility.

We provide a full destruction service for highly confidential scrap to protect intellectual property. A secured “IP Room” is available for temporary storage if immediate destruction is not required.

We also provide strong room storage for our precious metal clients which require materials to be processed for a period of time.

Our premise is protected by CCTV cameras. Particular attention is paid to the sorting and crushing area. The entire operation is recoded and video kept for 30 days. Alarms are installed on perimeter doors. Security guards are present 24 hours 7 days a week.

SPM Refinery is continually working to further strengthen its security arrangements and will gratefully receive any comments or suggestion on how we can add to our security arrangement.