Our History

Our history goes back to 1972 under registration as Soon Joo Huat Metal Industries Pte Ltd. With the support of the semiconductor industry, the company grew from strength to strength. As the demand from the semiconductor industry grew with time, the company has progress from a scrap metal collector to a precious metal Refiner & Recycler of electronics materials. The company has also evolved the use of modern techniques and processes for recovering and refining of precious metals.

As the company grew, incorporating more processes and with our own refining capability, SPM Refinery Pte Ltd was established in February 1999 to meet the demand and to provide complete recycling & refining services and products to the electronics, electronic-plating industries and bullion banks in the Asia Region. At the same time, with a Precious Metal Recovery and Refinery plant in Tuas, Singapore, we are able to respond to the high demands of an environmentally friendly facility.

We deal with over 150 companies in the South East Asia region establishing in many well-known multi-national companies in the electronics, Semiconductors, technological and precious metals industries.

Their support affirms SPM Refinery as a reputable refiner for their precious metal bullion. SPM Refinery 99.999% gold granule are used by Gold wire manufacturer in their wire manufacturing for the semiconductor industry.

In 2002, SPM Refinery was certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety)

In 2005, SPM Refinery have achieved ISO 9001 (Quality) for the scope of our 99.999% gold granule refining.

In 2020, SPM Refinery has converted OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 (Occupational Safety & Health Management System)