Recovery Operation

Recovery Operations services mainly the Semiconductors, Electronics and Telecommunication Industry.

SPM Recovery Operation helps our customer to treat and recycle their electrical, electronics and equipments in the most environmentally friendly way.

We separate and divert the different type of materials to the right recycler for the most efficient recycling and reusing of materials. Recovery specialize in recovering  of precious metal from precious metal bearing materials such as lead frames, shield, Gold Cyanide solution, Palladium Solution, Platinum Solution, Silver epoxy and so on.

At Recovery Operation, we use combinations of recovery methods to efficiently recover the precious metal within, with high recovery rate. We try to maximize the value of the materials that we process. From the packaging materials to the sludge that we created, nothing is going to waste.

For normal household, 33% of the materials that you bring in will be disposed as waste. In comparison, our waste that we dispose is less than 1%. Of which most of these are just general waste.

Process Materials

At SPM Refinery, we can process numerous types of materials from various Semiconductors and Electronics industries rejects and obsolete materials. As long as the materials contain precious metal, we most probably will be able to take in and recover the precious metal. Following are just some examples of the materials that we can take in. The list is not exhaustive. Kindly enquiry with us for your materials.

Semiconductor Materials

I.C. Rejects

Copper Lead Frame



Silicon Wafers

Trimmings On Tape

Pins & Frames

Wafer on Sticky Tape

Flexible Circuit


Gold Plated Chip

Tin Plated Frame

Machine Parts with Precious Metal

Platinum Target

Gold Target

Gold Shield

Clamp Ring

Litto Dome

Clamp Ring 2



Electronics Assembly Line

Bare Board

Mobile Phone


Hard Disk




PC / Laptop / Server

Spent / Expired / Rejected Raw Materials

Silver Epoxy

Gold Cyanide Solution

Palladium Solution

Fixer Solution

Gold Wire

Pure Nickel

Solder Waste

Copper Anode

Gloves & Wipes


Pd Catalyst

Used Wafers

Non-Ferrous Metal

Copper Tube

Stainless Steel Plate


Silver Chip

Gold Pallets


Solder Ball

Stainless Steel Mag

Copper Target

Aluminum Target

Tantalum Target

Titanium Target

End of Life (EOL) Machines