Refinery Operation


Our Refinery Operation is able to do smelting, refining and assaying of precious metal material. We are able to provide value-add services for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium from electronics scrap, waste and other recyclable resources.


Gold Wire Scrap


Gold Melting

Gold Casting


At Refinery, we are able to produce the following products:

  1. Gold 12.5Kg Bullion Bar
  2. Gold Kilo Bar               (99.99%)
  3. Gold 100gm Bar         (99.99%)
  4. Gold Granules             (99.999%)
  5. Silver Granules           (99.9%)

Our 99.999% Gold granule are used by Gold Wire Manufacturer in their wire manufacturing for the semiconductor industry and Gold bars are use by bullion banks for trading.